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All DIY Guides are for entertainment and informational purposes only and should be followed purely “at your own risk” and not as professional instruction or advice. As with any do-it-yourself project, unfamiliarity with the tools and processes can be dangerous. If you are at all uncomfortable or inexperienced working on projects yourself (especially projects involving dangerous tools), please reconsider doing the job yourself and hire a professional. It is very possible on any DIY project to damage your property, create a hazardous condition, or harm or even kill yourself or others. Carponents will not be held responsible for any injury due to the misuse or misunderstanding of any DIY Guide and are not liable for any damages that arise out of your access to our guides, whether they be direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive. Automotive projects are fun and rewarding but first and foremost be safe!

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All touch up paint is not created equal! The generic paints you buy at auto part stores will likely NOT match your vehicle’s paint exactly. Believe it or not, even the OEM dealers usually stock “close enough” colors. We recommend since their high quality paint is freshly made, they custom mix each order for you upon receipt, and they offer a color match guarantee.