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Ultimate Road Rage Karma

Mar 31, 2014

road rage truck crashes

Disclaimer:  There are three things in the video below we don't endorse.  Road rage, and trying to take a cell phone video while you're driving, and leaving the scene of an accident... but in this case, it was a very entertaining instance of one idiot, getting exactly what he deserved, and the rest of us getting to relive this glorious moment, first hand.  

In Tampa, Florida, a woman, being tailgated by a man in a blue truck pulled out her cell phone and started video taping in attempt to get the reckless guy's license plate.  She was trying to drive carefully, in slick/wet conditions and due to trucks in the other lane, she couldn't move over to get out of his way.    The woman says she wasn't looking at the truck while she was filming, but I have to admit- it's some pretty decent footage of the incident.  

You'll see in the video, the man's mature and spectacular behavior as he pulls along side her and begins flipping the lady off.  Then he surges ahead and cuts her off.  "Yea, yea, that will teach her!!"   The rest, is magic... as you'll see in the video, the man driving the truck, 33 year old Jeffery White, gets full surviving of karma no less than 5 seconds later.  

The woman pulled over yelling out her window (and heard on video), "Thats what you get, all on tape buddy!"  She waited and watched him try to get his truck back on the road.  Jeff had a friend come pull him out and the woman took a photo of his plates and handed it off to the police.  He was arrested last Wed. for leaving the scene of an accident, and we're quite sure his car insurance is going up having to cover the damage for the lamp post and media he destroyed, on top of truck repairs.  

Moral of the story?  It's not worth it to drive like an idiot and endanger the lives of others, nor is it worth it to harass other drivers while you're driving like a complete tool.  You're not going to get there any faster... and you could cause an accident.  Jeffrey found out the hard way karma is a "ditch", and a lamp post, and a viral youtube video broadcasting his stupidity.  Not to mention, with over 8.3 million views so far on youtube, the woman he harassed is making a pretty penny with her YouTube advertising. Hopefully it's been a lesson learned.


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