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Triumphant Return of the Toyota Supra: Our Heart Will Go on at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Mar 6, 2018 - By: Lorraine Rafferty

toyota supra racing concept

Image: Toyota


Toyota pushes a covered vehicle into the 2018 Genevia Motor Show floor and says to the press, "We're just going to leave this right here..."  And that's it.  


Thanks, Toyota.  After over two decades of withdrawal and heartache, you finally resurrect the most beloved vehicle model you've ever produced making auto enthusiasts everywhere rejoyce!  Even though it's still not for consumers, yet.  


They teased us back in 2014 with another concept we haven't seen or heard from again, but we're positive this time they won't break our hearts again, and even though it's a racing concept, a non-racing concept is in the works. 


The interior and exterior of this car display nothing else but full on race car.   Complete with crazy racing gadgets most people don't understand, including a flux capacitor and a time module that will send you back to 1998 (the last time the Supra was available in the USA).  


flux capacitor Toyota dupra


You'll also find a rollcage, an OMP driver's seat, racing harness, carbon fiber, all the basic clues Sherlock Holmes would use to predict this vehicle's future in Japan's Super GT racing league.  


While many of you will not ever get a chance to drive this car in real life, rest assured you'll be able to drive it in Grand Turismo Sport's racing game for PS4 due out in April, which for some of us, is as good as it gets.  But what about the consumers?   


The Supra badge first appeared on historically disappointing models like the 1978 Toyota Celica before becoming it's own separate entity.  It's reputation became legend with it's ongoing success in motorsport as it rev'ed it's way into our hearts as the only COOL Toyota to own.  


This new teaser race car includes a large rear wing, plastic windows, Brembo Racing calipers (as if there was any other choice), carbon fiber everything, and a racing exhaust so elaborate that it would put China's pollution problem to shame.  


Competing under the fierce name of Gazoo Racing, Toyota expects this car do do amazing things.   We're excited for you Toyota, now give us the damn specs and a consumer model release date!   Please?   


toyota supra

Image: Jalopnik

toyota supra

Image: Jalopnik

toyota supra racing conceptImage: Jalopnik

toyota supraImage: Jalopnik

toyota supra

Image: Jalopnik

toyota supraImage Jalopnik

toyota supraImage Jalopnik

toyota supraImage Jalopnik

toyota supra

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