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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Jun 11, 2014

grimlock transformers 4

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

We very excited for the latest installment in the 1980's beloved, more than meets the eyes, cartoon franchise, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.  They've ditched that whiny boy and his would-never-have-a-chance-in-real-life super hot girlfriend and gone in an entirely new direction adding Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, T.J. Miller, Kelsey Grammar, as well as the voice of John Goodman to the cast.  The most exciting aspect of the film, so cleverly titled with the word "extinction" will also star Scorn, Slash, Sluge, Strafe and if you recall… the most famous Dinobot of all… Grimlock!    There have been a few name changes…  Swoop is  now Strafe, Slag is now Slug, Slash is not an original Dinobot, he's been most likely added to the film due to Juassic Park's made popular Velociraptors, Scorn is similar to the original Stegosaurus Snarl -- but has been turned into a Spinosaurus… Missing is the Brontosaurus, but hopefully the film's characters will still manage to transport us back into the 80's, as the T-Rex delivers the most famous and memorable catch phrase a Transformer has ever delivered… "Me Grimlock!"   

dinobots transformers 4


Now onto the auto…mobiles.  What Transformers movie would be complete without its shameless self promotions for Chevy's latest and greatest, along with a drooling lineup of "you'll never afford these" exotics.

optimus prime transformers 4

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Outfitted with his signature red flames, Optimus Prime gets an upgrade from a cabover semi to a Western Star.   

67 camaro bumblebee

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Just like the first film, Chevy portrays the ever popular Bumblebee in more than one model… a yellow nosed '67 Camaro, and of course will boast a current year 2014 Camaro concept, keeping their "then and now" trend going to celebrate history, and boost future car sales. 

bumblebee transformers 4

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Drift is a made up Autobot.  They choose one of the fastest, most exotic and expensive sports cars ever, the $2.5 million dollar Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, and most likely, went through a car vocabulary list to find a cool name.   It's ok, Bugatti's weren't the same back in the '80s and we love to look at it.  If you're going to request a sports car be brought to your movie set, or turned into an autobot, this would be one of our top choice of cars that a Transformer should turn into.  But it doesn't exactly let you go under the radar...  

bugatti transformer

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Crosshairs is another plug for Chevrolet as they unveil their new, lime green Corvette Stingray.  It's cool and predictable, but no complaints.

corvette stingray transformer 

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Hound is in this film, he's an Oshkosh transport.  He's pretty cool... kind of reminds us of the Destructicons which we'd love to see in the next film, if you're listening Michael...  

hound transforms

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Now the bad guys…  Here's Lockdown, a very drool worthy Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.  

lamborghi transformer

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Galvatron makes a grand entrance as a Frieghtliner Argosy.  


Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Then there's Stinger… played by million dollar exotic Pagani Huayra that many people have never heard of, and even less can possibly afford.  

stinger transformer

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Chevy gets a third plug, and finally a Transformer the kids can afford, Motormaster, a Chevy Sonic RS.   

stinger transformer chevy

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Got a favorite Transformer?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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