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Top Ten Gifts Your Automotive Buddy, Husband or Boyfriend Will Actually Like

Nov 27, 2016


Ever pull your hair out trying to find the perfect gift for a car guy but have no idea what to get them?  Short of getting them that Porsche 911 or Ferrari LaFerrari they've always wanted, we can help you figure out what gifts will really warm their engines this holiday season!


  1. Gift Certificate to their favorite Auto Store.   No brainer because, nobody knows what a car guy wants more than they do.  Whichever local shop or online store you see most of their stuff come from is where you want to get this gift certificate.  It can be a Pep Boys or an AutoZone or the local hot rod tuner shop he always hangs out at.  

  2. The chance to drive an exotic sports car.   You can't afford to buy them their favorite sports car so what about a chance to actually let them drive one?  There are packages all over the place that bring the dream of one day driving a Formula One or a Ferrari on a racetrack both as a driver and as a (not-so-fun) passenger.  You’ll find a lot of these “dream” trips on sites like Groupon.  Giving them the chance to drive a car they’ve always wanted to but never could afford is the gift that keeps on giving.  Plus you’ll have the day free to relax.  

  3. Professional Blue Tooth OBDII Scan Tool.  Lets face it.  Car guys  like to pretend they know everything about their cars, especially when there is something wrong and now they actually can…   Get them a professional grade bluetooth scan device that reads the check engine codes so they know exactly what their car (and yours!) is telling them when it’s unhappy.  They can run anywhere from $50-200.  

  4. An auto vacuum.   Car guys are OCD about keeping their rides clean.  Your standard upright vacuum just won’t do the trick to get between and around the seats and they constantly steal your quarters to go to the local self-service car wash.  Get them a heavy duty auto vacuum from Black & Decker or another reputable company and they’ll love you for it.  The Black & Decker PAD 1200 Flex Auto Vac plugs right into the car itself so they can clean up messes that happen anywhere, any time, and put the finishing touches on their car right before a show.  It will run you only about $60.  

  5. Professional Waxing System.  Car guys also love to keep their vehicles scratch free and shiny.  Having good paint job, free from chips and damage is key to holding your car’s street cred. They’ll spend hours putting multiple coats of wax on their car that doesn’t come close to a professional job.  With a professional waxing kit and auto buffer they can do a much better job waxing their car in 1/3rd the time.  I’d like to say it would free up time for them but in all honesty, they’ll probably wax their car 3 times as often with this gift.  But hey, either way, they’re using it! 

  6. Dashboard camera.  For those car guys who just love to cruise the open road and try to record it with their iPhones, and never once re-watch the video, (or even worse, make you watch the video) - this gift is for you.  You can get great automotive cameras that take great quality video and mount right on the dashboard.  

  7. Remote start.  There’s something very “Knight Rider” about being able to tell you car to do something from a distance and have it listen.  Unless you can afford to buy them a new Tesla, a remote starter may be a fantastic gift.  Plus, you’ll never have to get into a cold car in the winter so it’s really a gift for you too!  

  8. Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel.  This is for people who love cars and video games.  While at $599.99 it costs more than the PS3 you need to play it with, it is the ultimate gift for a gamer plus car enthusiast to get the real feel of racing while in the safety and comfort of your living room.  We can’t even begin to tell you how much free time you’ll have if you buy him this gift.  Actually, you probably won’t see him for months.  

  9. Radar detector.  Yep, they still make these and they still work to keep you free from the po-po!  It’s either going to help your auto fan avoid getting more tickets or it’s going to inspire him to drive faster - so choose this gift wisely based on their driving habits.  

  10. Race School.  Nothing like getting them out of your hair for the entire weekend by sending them to the ultimate car enthusiasts trip to auto racing school.  There they’ll learn all the things they THINK they already know in a safe environment behind the wheel of some of the coolest cars they never would have driven otherwise.  A great present for any competitive gear head!  

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