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The Worst Parking Jobs in The World

Mar 11, 2017


We've all seen it, we've all been annoyed by it, few of you may have been guilty of doing it and some of you may have left a note... but check out our collection of the world's worst parking jobs ever!  

I hope his blog is not about parking.  

When you park like this you're clearly handicapped. 

Parking bad is contagious. 


Breaking through walls with your parking skills... 

Clearly didn't see that curb. 

This bike wasn't parked bad, it was just parked for a very, very, very long time. 

Sand trap for bad parkers. 

When you can't find a spot, make one between two cars.  

The scary part is that it looks like that car has been parked there for awhile. 

Bad parking is trending in Florida right now. 

That ball came out of nowhere. 

Not even sure how this happened. 

He got the lucky covered spot.  

You're good.  The sign says so. 

As if taking up one wasn't bad enough. 

Permanent Parking. 

Parallel parking is out.  Perpendicular parking is in.  

Not even sure how this happened. 

Just cut the wheel... 

If you park like that, I have to park like that. 

I hope they brought their de-icer. 

I think im more confused about how he got into this spot than the fact that he's parked on the curb. 

Good thing no one needs to leave this parking lot. 

You're fine.  The doors go up.  

I hope the guy that owns the Chevy can drive as crooked as the other guy parks. 

If you own a smart car, you own the right to park like this.  

Parking sinkhole. 

Missed it by one spot.  

This guy didnt even try...

Curb appeal. 

Someone is trying to tell him something... 

When you buy a Ranger Rover, you lose the right to park in any spot labeled COMPACT. 

Good citizens pitching in.  

It takes talent to take up two parking spots.  This guy took up 4.  

I can't park M'car. 

At least he's not in the handicapped spot. 

This guy is only "half" douche. 

Curb appeal. 

Missed it by a foot. 

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