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The New Ford F150 -Coming Soon to a Tailgate Near You

Feb 15, 2014


Photo Credit: Ford Motors

Hold on to your cowboy hats and grab your red solo cups… Ford's most beloved hard working, trailer pulling, off-roading, tailgating, best selling legacy has gotten a complete makeover - introducing the all new ALUMINUM 2015 Ford F150.

Dings and dents are gone.  The new F150 comes equipped with 4 birds eye, 360 degree cameras that will get you in and out of the tightest tailgate spots with ease.  No more worrying about extended cabs and blind spots, you'll be able to see everything! 

The Ford 150 also comes with an extensive light show upgrade of LEDs in the headlights, and additional lighting in the side mirrors that shine out and down when you're chasing your sister's drunken redneck boyfriend through the woods, or you're simply looking for your car keys.  For added awesomeness, the bed even lights up.  

Photo Credit: Ford Motors

The entire body is now entirely made up of aluminum… rumored to lighten the load by at least 700 lbs.   Whether this is a good idea -- time will tell.  We've all seen cousin bobby throw a few back and smash the cans on his head… and you've heard the expression… crumbled like an aluminum well… you know…  On one hand, aluminum's rust resistance will keep her looking pretty… but will it hold up through the insane abuse and overload that most F150 owners like to take their trucks through?    Ford actually previously tested them by sneaking the aluminum bodies into consumer trucks and let them test drive it but we're still going to be on the look out for how these feather weights hold up in the real world.

With 700lbs less to haul around, you'll definitely get better gas mileage, along with F150 ditching its Raptor… the iconic 6.2-liter V-8.   You're left with a 3.7 liter V6, 3.5-liter EcoBoost and a 5.0-liter V8.   Ford boasts that with the weight reduction you won't see any loss in performance from older models with larger engines.  The newest edition to the F150 engine line is its 2.7 liter EcoBoost with start/stop technology.   

Photo Credit: Ford Motors

A few aerodynamic changes were said to be made to improve the drag.  With a panoramic glass roof, rear doors that open wide, cruise control, lane departure warning, pararell-park assist, massaging seats, and a smart hitch that triggers an alarm if someone tries to steal your trailer, your tough guy tailgating buddies may make fun of you for buying a luxury vehicle.   The more manly accessories include the hidden cargo ramps, power running boards, drop down front air damn, active grill shutters, duel tailgate step and cargo cradle, and trailer backup assistant.  

Trim - the usual… XL, XLT, Lariat, Platinum and King Ranch.  In other words, the cheap one, the respectable model, the mine is bigger than yours option, the I couldn't afford the most expensive model trim, and the don't f#ck with me, this b@tch can tow anything package.   I'm sure you know which size is best suited for your needs.   

Coming to a tailgate near you in late 2014.


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