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The Most Spooktacular Car Names of All Time

Oct 25, 2015

haunted cars


In the spirit of Halloween, we’d love to give you the top 13 list of most hauntingly named car models of all time:  



12-13.  Shadow - Dodge and Rolls-Royce share several spookily named vehicle models the Shadow being one of them.  While the Rolls-Royce’s Silver Shadow is hauntingly beautiful, the Dodge’s Shadow just looks scary to drive.   


rolls-royce silver shadow


The Silver Shadow was produced in various forms in Great Britain from 1965 to 1980 and was the first to use a monocoque chassis.  Originally they wanted to call the car Silver Mist.  Soon after they realized the word “mist” is a German word for manure, rubbish or dirt, they finally arrived at Sliver Shadow.



The Dodge Shadow had a sister car (Plymouth Sundance) and was produced from 1987 ad ended in 1994, being replaced by the Chrysler Neon.  Some versions of the car actually featured a turbo or V6 engine. 


10-11. Spirit - Another duel naming by Dodge and Rolls-Royce is the Spirit.  


Dodge’s Spirit was a midsize 5-6 passenger sedan introduced in 1989 and was deceased by 1994.  Not a bad looking vehicle for the times and certain models actually featured an engine made by Lotus with 224 hp.    


rolls royce silver spirit


The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, born in 1980 was a saloon motor car that laid path for a new generation of Rolls-Royce models such as the Flying Spur, Silver Dawn and Touring Limousine.  Another fact about Rolls-Royce’s “Spirits” is that the woman gracing their vehicles as a hood ornament is also called Spirit - The Spirit of Ecstasy.  We assume its because thats the spirit you’re in when riding in one of their vehicles.  


dodge demon


9.  Demon - Dodge’s Demon, a vehicle who’s name fits our list quite well, was conjured up in 1971.  Very American Muscle, this car came in your standard V6 or V8 and a variety of bold color choices.  Dodge used a red devil holding a pitchfork as a log for the vehicle which appeared on the sides of the front fenders and the taillight panel.  Some religious groups and people were unhappy with the logo or the name of this short lived hell raiser.  


spectre r42


8. Spectre  - You’re definitely not imagining things when it comes to the Spectre R42, also clear glimpses of this mid-engined rear-wheel drive sports car made by Spectre Supersport Ltd were very hard to come by.  Not only was it very fast with a top speed of 175 mph, not many of these vehicles were ever sold.  


amc gremlin


7. Gremlin - The AMC Gremlin came out in 1970, well before the famous movie about the mischievous critters with the same name.  Adorning an adorable little Gremlin cartoon on their gas cap, these cars were very affordable and did very well over the years, despite the fact they were named after monsters that like to cause electrical/vehicular malfunctions.  They were also a very popular racing car of their time being faster than most of the subcompacts of their generation and in production until about 1978.   


gremlin gas cap


pontiac banshee

6. Banshee - The Pontiac Banshee was definitely something to wail about.   These dream cars were originally created as concepts in 1964.  The head of Pontiac at the time John DeLorean, was set on making these apparitions a reality but the head of GM was afraid that the vehicle would out perform and steal sales from the Corvette, if DeLorean was given free range.  The car was supposed to be 500 lbs light than the Corvette with the same engine, modified so that it could reach 60 mph in second gear.  GM sent the Banshee to the grave with the four concept cars still wandering the countryside in private collections. 




5. Bat - The Bat, or the Spanish name for bat, Murcielago, is one of Lamborghini’s most spooktacular vehicles.  Flight of this amazing exotic sports car took place between 2001 and 2010, marking the automaker’s first new design in eleven years.  About 4099 of these flying mammals soar the streets at night or lay low in pristine garage caves where they are no doubt, very well cared for.    


rolls royce phantom


4. Phantom - Rolls-Royce continues the naming of their vehicles for supernatural beings that only the rare few can see, touch, feel, let alone afford.  Brought into this world in 1925 and still haunting our dreams for a price tag of about half a million dollars, the Phantom is British Luxury at it’s finest.  


rolls royce phantom


3. Wraith - Rolls-Royce Wraith is another one of their infamous supernaturally named car models.  You can “possess” one of these ghostly elegant vehicles for around $300k.  


lamborghini diablo


2. Diablo - The Lamborghini Diablo is certainly not a devil in disguise, however it’s name comes not from any diabolical references but from the company’s trend to name their cars after fighting bulls.  Replaced by the Murcielago, this vehicle had a fiery inferno that burned from 1990 to 2001. 


rolls royce wraith


1. Ghost - The Rolls-Royce Ghost was first sighted at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale later that year.  While this model is the smallest, lightest and possibly most affordable of the Rolls-Royce line up at a mere $250k, it comes equipped with suicide doors, a 6.6-liter twin turbocharged and direct-injected V12, and 563 horsepower, headless, that is.  It’s well tuned, active “air” suspension gives you the feeling that you are actually floating.  

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