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Taking the kids to soccer practice, in my new Lamborghini?

May 8, 2014

lamborghini urus

Image Credit Lamborghini.com 

Lamborghini is one of the most recognized and well known luxury Italian sports car.   Easily identified by its signature body style, it's a car that turns a lot of heads.   It's the summer car... driven on special occasions and the use of it for errands, shopping, road trips or daily family life would be rather, pretentious...  plus, there's simply not enough space for the kids, let alone the family dog.  Imagine what a roof rack would do to it.   But now... taking its cues most likely from companies like Porsche with the success of the Cayenne, Lamborghini is now trying it's hand (again - since it's first luxury-suv launch of the LM002 in 1986) in SUV production, with it's up and coming 2017 Urus... the Lamborghini for Every Day Use, as they advertise it.  And it is bad ass... 

lamborghini urus review

Image Credit Lamborghini.com 

It looks like a Lambo that, instead of hitting the track every day, has started drinking protien shakes and beefing up in the gym.  It's aerodyniamic, and sleek and if you were going to race an SUV, on body style alone, it looks like this vehicle should win.  

2017 lamborghini suv

Image Credit Lamborghini.com 

While solid specs are still up in the air, there are several rumors - with the engine naturally aspirated V-10 and V-12 options are possible, but whispers have been made about a turbo-charged V8 by the CEO. My favorite rumor of all is the speculated 600 hp they are attempting to push out of this engine.

lamborghini urus interior

Image Credit Lamborghini.com 

The interior is jaw dropping and spacious, however, you're still not getting a family of 6 in this truck.  It's gorgeous cockpit style racing seating adorns both front and back compartments.  

interior lamborghini suv

Image Credit Lamborghini.com 

The end result, an SUV so sporty and luxurious, that would enable the geekiest of Star Trek Trekkies to pick up girls like Gisele Bundchen, and even your highschool teenagers will be begging you to drive them to school and drop them off out front.  

Lamborghini, we approve and will be counting down the days until it hits the show rooms.

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