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Taking note of the Snake-Like qualities of the VLF Force 1 V10 at 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Jan 22, 2016


A lot of excitement circled around the new Dodge Viper, er... we mean Fisker's VLF Force 1 V10 and its, well... "snake-like" qualities.   (If it looks like a viper, and it performs like a viper, and its co-created by professional Viper race and dealer  Ben Keating... just saying.)   


But maybe a snake, with a little something extra under the hood, like an 8.4 liter V10 producing 745 hp and 638 lb-ft of torque.  It also strikes out at an extremely impressive 0-60 in 3.0 seconds flat and can take you all the way to it's top speed of 218 mph.  


She comes with a six-speed manual, but if you complain hard enough they will fit it with an automatic.  The VLF Force 1 is also curvy and sleek, much like a... well you get the picture.   It will come in a limited number of 50, and only be sold from Viperexchange.com for $268,500.  The hardest decision you'll have to make is if you want this car or you'd like to save a few bucks and purchase yourself a Lamborghini Huracan, with an msrp slightly below. 


After your VLF Force 1 gets delivered in April 2016, and you'd like to celebrate the fact that you've actually been able to afford this car, or incase you just want to drive really fast with some fancy carbonated/highly-pressurized glass bottles in your car, it comes complete with a double champagne bottle holder, (Cristal not included) for reasons we simply cannot imagine and hope you'll just drink in your garage, when you get home, because you shouldn't be drinking and driving anyway.   






Legendary Designer Henrik Fisker and Race Car Driver Ben Keating Develop the Ultimate American Driving Machine

DETROIT (JANUARY 12, 2016) – Legendary automotive designer Henrik Fisker and American race car driver Ben Keating today unveiled the 2016 Force 1 V10, an all-new American Super Car, during the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The two-seat, all carbon fiber-bodied Force 1 is a high-performance, low-production sports car, manufactured in Auburn Hills, Michigan by the newly launched VLF Automotive, of which Fisker is a partner and design chief.

"Force 1 is another dramatic example of what we are going to do at VLF Automotive by combining proven world-class platforms and components with elegant designs to produce stunning bespoke luxury sports vehicles" said Bob Lutz, VLF Automotive Chairman.

Fisker and Keating entered partnership discussions in early 2015 after bonding over their mutual love of cars, fondness for each other's professional work and the possibilities that could emerge if their skill sets intersected.

"What inspired me most about building this partnership with Ben is that he is the most passionate Viper racer in the world and understands performance metrics in cars, both on the track and on the road, better than anyone I've ever met," said Fisker. "He's developed a unique active suspension for superior handling and ride, which is seamlessly integrated into the Force 1, enhancing performance whether on track or road."

"To work with Henrik as one of the world's best designers to create a super exciting, wide curvy body for this amazing car is the opportunity of a lifetime," Keating said. "Plus, it's the perfect vehicle to showcase many of the incredible performance features we've been working on for years. It really is the chance to start with an amazing initial platform to develop an incredible American super car with exceptional design and performance." Force 1 V10 features an all carbon fiber, lightweight body and 21-inch wheels with high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires and Brembo high-performance brakes. The car has one of the most powerful naturally aspirated road engines in the world delivering the best performance in its price class.

Force 1 embodies Henrik Fisker's design language, which underpins all VLF Automotive cars. With Fisker's signature balance between proportion, sculpture and graphics, the exterior design of Force 1 boasts classic American sports car proportions with a long hood, short front overhang, long tail and pushed out wheels.

"In the case of Force 1, there is an extremely pushed back green house," Fisker explained. "The sculpture on Force 1 is like a family succession to Destino, dramatic and powerful, relative flat surfaces on the high end of the body side, with lines full of tension, emerging onto a rounder lower section, where Force 1 has a large functional outlet. The sculptural hood has unique, large, negative surfaces, as in the family of the Destino, with six highly needed air intakes and outlets for the 745-HP 8.4 L V10 engine. The windscreen wraps around into the side glass, followed by an elegant, yet aggressive side line sweeping up towards the rear deck. The graphics are uniquely sleek with ultra-thin lights in front and UTV laser-blade tail lamps, the thinnest tail lamps in the world, at the rear. The day light opening (DLO), or side window, has a completely new and never before seen graffic that ends up in a sharp spear."

Force 1 incorporates downforce elements such as the deep front spoiler and aggressive rear diffusor in pure visible carbon fiber. At the top of the rear glass sits a unique rear wing spoiler also housing the in car Wi-Fi and third brake light.

Both the front and rear signature Henrik Fisker wheels have a concave section design to improve strength of the wheel, requiring less mass. The 21-inch aluminum wheels with wide high-performance Pirelli tires sits in lean, sculptured, pronounced wheel arches. The front features an aggressive grille housing the VLF logo in the center and two ultra-slim lights sitting above the grille. The interior is luxurious, with hand stitched ultra-soft leather, Alcantara, suede with several other unique features, such as a champagne holder.

Production commences at the end of April 2016 in Auburn Hills and deliveries begin in third quarter 2016, with the base price starting at $268,500. Force 1 V10 will be produced in limited numbers with an initial production of only 50 units and available through Ben Keating's Viper Exchange. Besides owning a limited edition all-American, high-performance luxury sports car, Force1 V10 owners will have the unique opportunity to attend two racing events per year with Ben Keating as an integral part of the team, in the paddock and in the pits where all the action takes place. This is an exclusive, all-access pass into the drama and excitement of sport car racing in a way found nowhere else.

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