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Super Bowl LI's Car Commercial Replay

Feb 7, 2017


In case you missed it, check out all of SuperBowl LI’s awesome car commercials!   Packed with an astonishing lineup of almost entirely red cars, and even commercials with no cars at all.  Not sure if they were as good as last years, but there were a few gems that gave us a good laugh.  


1.  Alfa Romeo made a pretty big statement with mega-endorsements during the game and a commercial that showed off decades of it’s own automotive history and something about dragons, but it was kind of confusing.  With 3 different commercials airing during the game, they're determined to expand their market into the US.  


2. Alfa Romeo hits us again with it’s second of three Superbowl commercials, this one both in English and Italian.  Typical whimsical voiceover... A bit of a snoozer, but great looking RED sedan.  


3. Lexus dances around the point that buying a new Lexus will give you some serious dance moves.    or if you dance really good, its like you're a Lexus?  You inspire a Lexus?  Ehh... not sure.  But of course, we get more RED CARS.  But they're pretty damn nice looking red cars.  


4. Nothing like watching Cam Newton stiff arm a bunch of kids in the next Buick Commerical.  Another beautiful RED CAR, and a car commercial that barely shows the vehicles.  Nice touch throwing in Miranda Kerr if we're not going to see cars, it may as well be super models.



5. Mercedes Benz shows off it’s new AMG roadster and it’s “Born/Built to be Wild” slogan, while leaving a biker bar, after blocking the motorists in, which, is really sort of off-brand… but whatever.  It still looks amazing.  Thank you for being the first to choose another color and not use a "midlife-crisis-red" car.  



6. Probably our favorite of all the auto commercials is Kia’s “Hero’s Journey” starring comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy taking a beating, and Kia’s new "fuel efficient" crossover, the Robert DeNiro.  Err.. We mean Niro.  Just Niro.  Its hard to say.  The Niro?  Niro?  Say "Kia Niro" ten times fast.  Its literally impossible.  But people falling and injuring themselves is always funny, and you can’t go wrong with the Footloose soundtrack or a Bonnie Tyler song.  



7. Ford had a charming commercial called “Go Further” that showed people “stuck” in relatable situations and didn’t actually show a vehicle until it was 1:00 minutes in… and then, out of it’s full 1:41 length, maybe only showed about 8 full seconds of it’s cars.  But don’t worry, everyone gets “unstuck”!  It was more a tribute to Ford’s ever growing technology.  



8. Audi’s adorable girl’s empowerment Audi Commercial touched the hearts of a few dads out there.  While stuffing in a few political comments in at the end… and about 6 seconds of an actual car.  



9. Alfa Romeo’s last commercial showing, you guessed it, more red cars, and another provocative female voiceover. Lasciatemi cantarecon la chitarra in manolasciatemi cantaresono un italiano.




10.  Honda’s sort of funny/awesome, but sort of creepy “Yearbooks” commercial was cool, showing animated yearbook photos of a montage of famous actors from their highschool years.  The creepy part comes in through the weird animation, photoshopping and images used to portray the actors and actresses from their teen years.  And then 4 seconds of it’s new CR-V in what color?  RED, of course!  



11. Hyundai’s commercial was probably the most touching showing deployed soldiers going into mysterious outdoor room/tents that are actually 360 camera views of the Super Bowl, with their families who are actually at the game.  Hyundai actually takes the cake in auto commercials by not showing a single vehicle in their whole commercial.  Not even a red one.  Not too sure about their new slogan… “Better Drives Us.”   But it was a sweet commercial.  



12. WeatherTech had a pretty unbelievable commercial, but its cool.  If only someone could get to my car in the 3.4 seconds it takes me to spill my coffee.  



13. Finally the cult classic and Fast and the Furious franchise shows off the trailer for their 593rd installment of their next film “The Fate of the Furious”  proving that British men still make the best bad guys, that there is truly no limits or no shame at the level Fast and Furious is willing to take their unbelievable story lines, and showing that despite our entire military intelligence, the world still needs to be saved by a few degenerate illegal street racers with twin turbo V8 muscle cars that have unbelievable traction on ice and now magically turn into submarines.  Mind Blown.  But the biggest question is if you haven't seen FF 1 thru 593, are you going to be lost in this story line?  Better catch up.   



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