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New Lamborghini Huracan, Aston Martin Goes Solar, Chevy Compact Sales Soar, New GM and Toyota Recalls: Carponents Transmission - Auto News Drive-By

Jun 19, 2014

Now delivering the latest in auto news the same way you like your cars... FAST!   Carponents introduces it's daily/weekly Transmission - the top headlines in automotive happenings, delivered to you in a drive-by!  When time is limited, we can still keep you Up to Speed!   

Good Things in Small Packages: Chevrolet proves that good things come in small packages as sales for the Chevy Spark are up 28% over last year and sales for the Chevy Sonic are up 8%, outselling Toyota, Honda, Ford and Hyundai in subcompact cars.

Sunny Outlook for Aston Martin:  Aston Martin announced a partnership with the Hanergy Global Solar Power & Applications Group to install solar panels on the roof of the Vantage GTE during the World Endurance Championship.  The "sun-tricity" will be used not be used to power the engine or drivetrain, but the vehicle's air conditioner, keeping the driver cool, while hopefully eliminating any power-drain from the Vantage engine from it's use on hot and humid race days. 

General Recalls, er… General Motors Unveils New 2015 LineUp of Mistakes:  General Motors unveils it's latest and greatest series of recalls affecting another 3.4 million cars and trucks.  Find out if your car is affected:  GM Recalls  

Toyota's Inflated Recall:  In April 2013, Toyota recalled over 500k vehicles for an airbag inflator recall, and is now bumping up that list to a larger range serial numbers of the same car and truck makes, years and models previously recalled.  To find out if your make, model, or year is affected: Toyota Recalls

Weather Picks up for Lamborghini with their all-new Huracan:  Lamborghini unleashes a 610-horsepower V10 storm of a vehicle to surpass it's best-selling Gallardo with the all-new Huracan LP 610-4.  This triple-threat comes with 3 driving modes, three gyroscopes and three accelerometers combined into a beacon of luxury, exotic sports glory.   

laborghini huracan

Photo credit: Lamborghini


Photo credit: Lamborghini

lamborghini huracan interior

Photo credit: Lamborghini

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