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Mod Scan - The Coolest Thing to Hit Car Shows, since Cars!

Jul 27, 2014


Whether you are into the classics, or you love a good hotrod, american muscle or import, car shows are a great way to gawk, drool, pine and experience the best the automotive industry has to offer.   While it's really cool to see the different manufactures, parts, upgrades, and new technology, lets face it, all attendees show up with one thing in mind… seeing some AWESOME cars.    After spending our own fair share of time wandering around isles and isles and show rooms and showrooms of breathtaking automotive bliss we always find ourselves wondering more about our favorites.   What type of car is this, what is under the hood, is this part stock or is this a modification, and then we'll find ourselves arguing over what year the car is.  We try to take pictures of the cars and modes we like, or want to look into later online - but after viewing 3453 cars, and taking 4,359,345 photos that day, car overload takes over and we can't remember a thing.   


Sometimes, during local shows, the owners are usually sitting next to the car and are willing to talk about their ride.  Sometimes they'll have a little plaque that will give you a rundown about the car.  But trying to remember those things, or taking a cell phone photo of the car's info can get really annoying.  Usually you have to take 2-3 photos to get all the info down.  And sometimes, they just don't give us enough information about that car or vehicle.  Some of those restored classics have great stories that are even more interesting than the vehicles themselves… 


So the staff here at Carponents thought to ourselves, what if there was a way to walk up to each car, with your cell phone, and scan a QR code and get all the information on that particular car.  And then we took it one step further, because sometimes you'll be heading into your favorite TGI Fridays, or even walking through the parking lot at your local grocery store and you'll see a car so cool that you'll have to stop twice and look.   You are just dying to know more about that car.  So after months of hard work the genius at Carponents.com came up with a great idea to solve all of these problems and ModScan was born.  


ModScan is a unique QR code decal, provided FREE at Carponents.com that can be scanned by any person with a smart phone or tablet, that allows users to learn all about your vehicle's stats, mods, upgrades, information, even your car's awards, pace times and it's own unique story.  How it works is that you simply sign up for a www.carponents.com profile, the car owner creates a profile page for their car listing the car's data, photos, videos, or anything else they'd love people to know about their car, and you simply put the ModScan decal on your car.   When someone sees your car, at a car show or in a random parking lot, they can scan the code and learn all about it.  They can even save that information to their favorites so they can learn more about the car later, or even follow a car's restoration, or stay up-to-date with their competition stats.  Have more than one car?  No problem - you can set up as many as you'd like.  It connects car owners in a whole new way.  



Best of all, you no longer have to clutter up your car with all of those ugly decals to show off what's under the hood.  It's great if you are supporting auto sponsors, but if you are using those stickers to show off, now you only need one small ModScan decal placed in any window of your car.   


Car shows are hooking up with Carponents by storm to offer the ModScan capability at their show.  It couldn't make it easier for show attendees to learn about the vehicles any easier, it gives car show entrants a great way to show off more than just the car itself, such as awards and racing stats, and It also gives car enthusiasts a very easy way to get in touch, or stay in touch with people they meet at the car shows.  


ModScan Decals are currently running out so if you are interested for yourself or about having us sponsor and set up your car show with ModScan, please let us know ASAP. 


If you'd like to get a ModScan decal free of charge for your own car please contact info@carponents.com.  We are giving them out FREE of charge to Carponents members.  All you have to do is sign up, its free!  


Are you running a local or national car show?  Would you like Carponents to help you set up ModScan for your show, free of charge?   Let us know and we can be there!  Please contact Rob at rob@carponents.com for more info. 


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Carponents ModScan ModScan is our unique QR code decal, provided FREE at Carponents.com. This small decal can be neatly placed anywhere on your ride and anyone with a smart phone or tablet can scan it and immediately view all of your vehicle's stats, mods, upgrades, photos, videos, information, even your car's awards and it's own exclusive story. Show them what your ride is packing, how fast it is, and what you've got under the hood!

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