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Local Crews Keep the Car Meet Scene Alive and Well

Sep 10, 2015

Photo Credit: UndergroundRoyalty


With websites and apps dominating the world of "social" these days, it seems people are choosing screens over connecting face-to-face at times. In the car enthusiast world however, the one element that cannot be replaced by technology is the good old-fashioned car meet. While sites like Carponents aim to enhance the experience and the ability to share and gain some bragging rights, there is nothing like the feeling of cleaning and detailing your car, cruising out to meet other like-minded gearheads, and proudly showing off your ride and talking cars with anyone and everyone there. It is a unique experience and a lifestyle as much as a hobby, where the community takes a vested interest in what your next mod or upgrade might be, giving advice, and sometimes even doing the work collectively. The group as a whole takes pride in the evolution of your car and your car crew becomes your extended family.


Many such car clubs exist all over the country and around the world, some specific to a certain style or brand of car such as Mustang or Corvette clubs, some dedicated to classics and antiques or newer import tuners, but many being open to anyone that calls themselves a car lover. We had the pleasure of catching up with one of the newer and hotter crews out there called UndergroundRoyalty. Based at the Jersey Shore, UndergroundRoyalty began hosting weekly car meets just this summer and has seen its attendance and following grow into the hundreds very quickly. Cars of every make, model, and year from stock rides to award winning show cars and everthing in between line the lot with every flavor of customization on display. Walk around and you'll hear conversations about horsepower, visual mods, or just life in general, and there is a strong sense of mutual respect among the members and the different rides and styles each has. While the season's last meet wrapped up this past Tuesday, UndergroundRoyalty will be resuming it's weekly gatherings again in the spring and based on it's already rapid growth, we have a feeling that this crew is only getting stronger.


If you are located near the Jersey Shore area, we recommend checking UndergroundRoyalty out, otherwise stay tuned for our upcoming Car Clubs feature that will help you find clubs and meets in your area as well.


Check out some shots from UndergroundRoyalty's season-ending meet:


Photo Credit: UndergroundRoyalty

Photo Credit: UndergroundRoyalty


Photo Credit: UndergroundRoyalty


Photo Credit: UndergroundRoyalty


Photo Credit: UndergroundRoyalty




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