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LAPD and Dubai's Exotic Luxury Police Cars Perform Tricks and Live in Cages

Mar 27, 2014

Photo credit: Instagram @lapdlambo

Is it possible that there could be a piece of automotive news that is as disappointing as it is exciting?   Yes... we believe so.  The Los Angeles Police Department was gifted (or loaned rather) a Lamborghini Gallardo by Nathalie and Travis Marg of Light Source 1, Inc., making it one of the most exotic vehicles for the police department since the Ferrari's in Miami Vice and Magnum PI.     A 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo starts at a cool $182,000, and this particular Gallardo was outfitted by Galpin Auto Sports to look like an official police vehicle in signature black and white vinyl.    Rumor has it the car was donated to them to help them keep up with the Kardashians in Dubai, only they're parading around in a 1.6 million dollar Bugatti Veyron - which I will admit...  had me wiping drool off my face when I first saw it, and maybe even a tear.  It's majestic to behold.   Respect LAPD, but... it's a Bugatti!!   

Bugatti Veyron Dubai Police Car 

Now to the disappointing part - the cars are for parade, not patrol!  Neither one of these fantastic automobiles will ever be involved in a high speed chase, a drug bust, or even a parking ticket...  These need-for-speed exotic beasts are like caged bengal tigers, with a sole purpose of attending charities and auto shows.   They're not parade floats, they're performance machines, made to be driven fast... really fast!   For now, if we want to see a Lamborghini cruising the streets of LA, we'll have better luck on Rodeo Drive.   Truth be told, the gas guzzling 5.2-liter V10 would be horrible during rush hour and quite possibly not even pass the city's strict emission laws.  I also suppose if these cars were really patrolling the streets people would be getting arrested on purpose just to ride in the back.  I know I would.  "Arrest me," and, "how fast does this thing go?"    

Photo credit: Instagram @lapdlambo

In the mean time if you'd like to keep an eye on the stations new exotic installment while it's in it's parking garage or showroom floor - the LAPD Lambo is apparently tweeting and posting selfies on Instagram and Twitter with user name LAPDLambo.   Enoy! 

Photo credit: Instagram @lapdlambo

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