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How to Check Your Car's Engine Oil

Mar 20, 2016


1. Check in the morning, when the oil is cooled and has settled in your engine.

2. Lift your hood.  Locate the dipstick.  (Unscrew it if necessary.)  Have a towel ready to wipe it off.  Pull out dipstick.  

3. Wipe the dipstick clean and familiarize yourself with the markings.  There should be two marks at the bottom, one for minimum and one for maximum oil levels.  

4.Completely reinsert the entire dipstick so you get a proper reading.

5. Pull out the dipstick a second time.  Compare the oil level to the marks.  The oil level should be at or near the maxium oil mark.  If the oil level is near or below the minimum oil mark, schedule an oil change.  

6. Reinsert teh dipstick, screw it tight (if necessary) and close your hood. 


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