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How to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket

May 18, 2016

how to get out of a speeding ticket


At one point in your life you may find yourself driving your car a little too fast and low and behold, you see those red and blue flashing lights behind you.   Damn.  85 in a 65 mph zone.  You were only going with the flow of traffic. Speeding tickets suck.  They are expensive, and if you exceed the speed limit over a certain mileage they can cause points to accumulate on your license.  This also increases your insurance, and it says on your record for years. Either way, we want to avoid these at all costs.  Whether it’s is the first time you’ve been pulled over, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran to getting pulled over by police officers, here is a list of good advice and “dos & don’ts"  that may help you keep your composure and talk your way out of getting a speeding ticket.   


Don’t Speed:  First one is completely obvious.  Don’t speed.  The first way to avoid a speeding ticket is to not break the law and deserve to get one.  If you obey the speed limits at all times you won’t get a speeding ticket.  Speeding can be dangerous to you and others, especially in the rain and snow, or other bad conditions and speed limits are set and enforced for safety reasons.  (And to collect money for the state.) 


Don’t Stare Down the Cop in the Side or Rear View Mirror: They can see you watching them.  And it looks super creepy and threatening when the person in the car is staring and watching the cop approach.  You want to appear as nonthreatening as possible, so stop glaring at them and wait for them to get to your window before politely making eye contact.   


Don’t slam on your breaks when you pass a cop car waiting in a speed trap:  Why?  One, because this is dangerous.   Two, if he wasn’t paying attention to you before, he is now.  The sight of you stopping short and drastically reducing speed, not to mention your blaring brake lights, the cop knows that YOU know you were doing something wrong.   Slow down yes, but make it less obvious.   


Wave: If you see a cop in a speed trap and you’re going to fast, slow down and wave to the cop.  One of three things could happen.  First is he will think he knows you and just let you go.  Second, is he’ll think that you’re acknowledging him and that you are going too fast, and apologizing and slowing your pace.  Or three, he could have already hit you with his radar and turned on his lights already. 


Don’t be an a$$: Being a jerk to a cop is the first way to get a ticket.  Its not necessarily a power of authority, and how can you get mad at them, you were, after all speeding… but being a jerk to a cop is a one way ticket to… well, a ticket.  Be polite.  Acknowledge what you did and that this is no one’s fault but your own, but be courteous to the officer.  Make small talk and explain why you may have been speeding.  It humanizes you and makes you less threatening, and harder to give a ticket to.  


Keep your hands in view: Always keep your hands in clear view and on the steering wheel where the cop can see them.   Even though you were braking the law, you can at least appear like you aren’t.  If you make it look like you are hiding something the officer will get suspicious.  


Turn on your dome light: Let the officer see whats going on and that you are not trying to hide anything in your vehicle. 


Keep your registration and insurance card handy:  Nothing irritates a cop more than having you waste their time.  If you keep fumbling around looking for it, you look irresponsible and it gives them a bad impression.  


Ask permission to retrieve something out of sight:  If your license is in your back pocket or purse, or in the glove box, ask permission to retrieve it so that the cop knows that you are concerned for his safety as well.  Don’t make any sudden movements or act like you’re reaching for or hiding things you shouldn’t be.  


Keep your excuse in right field: The cops have heard them all.  Don’t come up with a lame, over the top excuse that will make you look like an idiot.  Sometimes honesty is the best policy and if you are relatable, and chill, maybe the cop will sympathize and let you off the hook.  


Pray, if you get pulled over by a State Trooper instead of a local Officer:  Your probability of getting out of a ticket when pulled over by a highway patrol or state trooper is really slim.  The reason being is that it’s their job to enforce the rules of the road, more so than it is to fight traffic.  These officers are more likely to get credit from their agency if they have good “stats”.   If you get pulled over by a city/town/county officer you may have an easier time getting out of these tickets.  These officers usually use speed enforcement as a probable cause to pull you over, and uncover a more serious crime, like drugs, lack of auto insurance, concealed weapons, warrants…  So unless you’re wanted in 50 sates, be polite and cooperative to anyone with a badge and a pad.  


Use finesse with your PBA cards: While these magic Policeman’s Benevolent Association Cards, or Get out of Jail Free cards, will definitely come in handy, keep your cool. Don’t throw it at him, don’t be arrogant and assume it keeps you above the law. They do not give you the right to speed or break the law, they are not hall passes, and can easily be ignored or taken away.  Hope the cop is in a good mood and hand him your PBA Card with your license, registration and insurance card.   If you wait for the officer to come back after checking your record, its most likely too late to escape a ticket.   


Name Drop: Its known that police officers have a little special place in their heart for their own kind.  If you are related to, are dating, or are good friends with a police officer, especially one that works in the town you got pulled over in, don’t be afraid to create small talk and bring up their name, asking if the cop knows them.  You may get lucky.  Don’t name drop in a way that you are insinuating that you are a BIG DEAL or that you know the police chief or could get them in big trouble for writing you a ticket.  


Don’t get out of your car:  Nothing annoys a police officer more.  Traffic stops can be extremely dangerous for officers so they are usually up in arms.  Don’t annoy the cop by getting out of your car to try to follow him back to his car to plead your way out of a ticket.  You’ll end up getting arrested, or thrown to the ground out of fear for safety. Just sit in your car and don’t do any sudden moves.  


Don’t insult the cop:  Sometimes they’ve had bad days too.   Sometimes they can be snarky and sarcastic and high and mighty because hey, you broke the law and they have the upper hand.   So no matter what a cop says, just keep your mouth shut and do not fire back at anything the cop may say.  Just acknowledge that what you did was wrong, and that you are sorry, and hold your breath from making insults that will also lead you to getting a reckless driving ticket in addition to your regular speeding ticket.  


Be the child of a police officer or chief: Yep. It works.  Trust us.  


Never admit actual outright guilt to speeding:  Innocent until proven.  Never admit outright to speeding.  “No officer, I do not know why you stopped me.”  Let them tell you that you were, and give them the excuse that stopped you from realizing, act a little surprised - but never say, “yea, I was definitely speeding.”  If you admit your guilt, they have to give you a ticket.  


Understand that showing up a cop in your neighborhood may get you targeted:  Sometimes people “ask for proof” of the cops claim to them speeding.  Unless you definitely know that you were not speeding, and can confirm it, not even one mile over the limit, or the cop could potentially put you on his @$$hole radar, and pull you over every time he sees you int own.  Even if the cop was moving, and not likely to have a radar, they can still gauge your speed if they are behind or next to you, most likely speeding themselves.  


Flirt (if you’re a hot girl):  In some occasions you female drivers have an advantage when pulled over by male police officers.  While we don’t recommend bringing up the water works and crying yourself out of a ticket, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to smile, flash those eyes and be friendly to the officer.  After all they’re only human.   If you are a guy, do not try to cry or flirt your way out of a ticket.  Please have some self respect.   


Don’t have illegal, obnoxious aftermarket parts on your car that greatly insinuated the vehicle had starred in Fast & Furious 12 or that break the laws:  Make sure your tint, exhaust, lights, engine parts, or other aftermarket car accessories and upgrades are in accordance to the law.  You’ll get prejudged and given a ticket before you can even roll down your window.  


If you have any other helpful tips please let us know!  And look for PART 2 - how to get out of a speeding ticket, after the cop has already written it out.  





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