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GM's Ignition Switch Death Toll Rises

May 4, 2015


Monday General Motors appointed Attorney Kenneth Feinberg, confirmed 97 deaths contributed to their defective ignition switches, with 45 death claims still pending and 669 hospitalized injury claims still under review.   So far 12 claims for severe injuries such as quadriplegia, double amputation, and permanent brain damage.  167 claims have been approved severe injuries that required hospitalization.   Kenneth Feinberg was hired by GM to compensate the victims, with 130 compensation offers accepted so far, and five were rejected.  Offer amounts are unknown.  The fund received 4,343 claims by the Jan. 31 deadline with two-thirds of claims found to be ineligible or deficient.  The initial recall spanned over 2.6 million models and years. 



While the deadline for injury related claims due to the ignition switch have passed, we still recommend that if you own or drive a vehicle affected by the recall, that you bring it in to your dealership as soon as possible.  Vehicle make, model and years affected by this recall again are: 



LACROSSE 2005-2009

LUCERNE 2006-2011



CTS 2003-2011

DEVILLE 2000-2005

DTS 2006-2011

SRX 2004-2006



CAMARO 2010-2014

COBALT 2005-2010

HHR 2006-2011

IMPALA 2000-2014

MALIBU 1997-2005

MONTE CARLO 2000-2007



ALERO 1999-2004

INTRIGUE 1998-2002



G5 2007-2010

GRAND AM 1999-2005

GRAND PRIX 2004-2008

SOLSTICE 2006-2010



ION 2003-2007

SKY 2007-2010


GM is wrapping up and nearing the end of the claims process, hopefully no more deaths will result of this issue.  For more information to find out if your vehicle was specifically affected by this recall, click this link to go to the General Motors Recall page to enter your VIN #.  For any additional concerns you can call the appropriate customer service number below that best fits your vehicle.  




1-800-833-2438 (TTY)




1-800-832-8425 (TTY)



1-800-833-7668 (TTY)




1-800-833-2622 (TTY)




1-800-833-6000 (TTY)




Puerto Rico:

English: 1-800-496-9992

Español: 1-800-496-9993


Virgin Islands:  


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