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Fill Up Your Wallet: 10 Tips to Saving On Gas in Your Car this Summer

Apr 19, 2016


Summer is coming and most people will be outside cruising, driving, washing and waxing their cars for trips to the park or beach, or even a local auto show or event.  While we can't really complain right now, gasoline is pretty darn cheap, there are a few ways you can cut back on your car's gasoline consumption even further.  Here are a few tips to putting a few extra bucks back in your pocket instead of in the tank: 


1. Don't top off your tank when you "fill up".  In NJ you have no choice, you can't pump your own gas anyway, but for the rest of you, don't fill your gas tank to the brim with those extra few tugs on the gas nozzle.   Additional gas will seep out, and you'll never see it again.  Keep your gas inside your tank, where you can actually use it!  


2.  Check your tire pressure.  Yes.  Tires or rather, tire pressure is one of the most important, yet completely ignored aspect of your car.  The more off your tire pressure is, the more gasoline it will take to get your car starting or even stopping.  Inflate your tires as needed and check your pressure regularly.  


3. Replace your air filter.  Replace your air filter frequently.  When the air filter clogs with dirt and dust, it causes the car's engine to work harder.  When your car's engine needs gas to run, and when it works harder, it uses more gas, rendering your vehicle less fuel efficient.  Kind of like the lint tray in the dryer.  Check and change it often.  


4. Use the right oil.  You may save a few bucks using the cheap stuff, but you'll pay for it in gas bucks in the long run.  You can improve your car's gas mileage by up to 2% by using manufacturer's recommended grade of motor oil.  


5. Park your car in the shade.  The hot sun can actually evaporate the fuel in your tank so leaving it out in the direct sun all day can magically deplete the gas in your tank.  


6.  Use gasoline apps.  These will help you find the stations that are selling gas the cheapest.  


7.  Pay with cash.  Cash is king, and paying at a gas station in cash will save you money.  If you haven't noticed it before, some gas stations have two different prices for gasoline, one for your ballers who got cash in their pockets, and one for you plastic CC swipers. 


8. Buy gas midweek.  Sometimes gas prices will magically rise right before the demand of a holiday or holiday weekend.  If you notice a trend in your area when gas prices are lower, make it a point to purchase gas at that time.  


9.  Go Regular.  Not all cars need premium gasoline.  They'll run perfectly fine for 200k miles on regular grade.  If you own one of these cars weigh the pros and cons of saving 10-30 cents a gallon by opting out of premium for regular.   


10.  Search for loyalty programs.  Some gas stations and credit cards offer you cash back incentives when used regularly for gasoline purchases.   

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