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Dashboard Warning & Indicator Light Symbol Quiz - Know what your car is complaining about

Mar 20, 2016

check engine light


Back in the day your dashboard used to have one light.  To see it appear was cause for devastation in even the most confident of car owners. Its what we called a "Check Engine" light.  This light was the dreaded beacon of car owner panic because it meant anything from you needing an oil change or that your gas cap may be loose, but back then what it usually was closer to meaning is that you were about ten seconds away from blowing your engine.  Then you spent a fortune at the mechanic's to put your car on a "machine" while you put your head between your knees and prayed it was not a transmission or a gasket or an oil leak.   Over the years with the advancements of automotive technology, our cars have become extremely smart and efficient in subtlety telling us what is wrong, or what is going on with our vehicle. Its still done through dashboard light icons, but they now more specifically not only tell you when your engine is about to overheat, but provide useful information about your car's condition regarding safety and status.  Knowing what these icons mean is important in maintaining your own safety as well as the health of your vehicle.  Check out this dashboard of the most common indicator lights and see how many you know and how well you know them!  



1.  Fog light (front)

2.  Power Steering warning light 

3. Fog Light (rear)

4. Washer Fluid Low

5. Brake Pad Warning

6. Cruise Control On

7. Direction Indicators

8. Rain and Light Sensor

9. Winter Mode

10. Information Indicator

11. Glow Plug/Diesel Pre-Heat Warning

12. Frost Warning

13. Ignition Switch Warning

14. Key Not in Vehicle

15. Key Fob Battery Low

16. Distance Warning

17. Press Clutch Pedal

18. Press Brake Pedal

19. Steering Lock Warning

20. Main Beam Headlights

21. Tire Pressure Low

22. Sidelight Information

23. Exerior Light Fault

24. Brake Light Warning

25.Diesel Particulate Filter Warning

26. Trailer Tow Hitch Warning

27. Air Suspension Warning

28. Lane Departure Warning

29. Catalyic Converter Warning

30. Seat Belt Not On

31. Parking Brake Light

32. Battery?Alternator Warning

33. Parking Assist

34. Service Required

35. Adaptive Lighting

36. Headlight Range Control

37. Rear Spoiler Warning

38. Convertible Roof Warning

39. Airbag Warning

40. Handbrake Warning

41. Water in Fuel Filter

42. Airbag Deactivated

43. Fault Problem

44. Dipped Beam Headlight

45. Dirty Air Filter

46. Eco Driving Indicator

47. Hill Decent Control

48. Temperature Warning

49. ABS Warning

50. Fuel Filter Warning

51. Door Open

52. Bonnet Open

53. Low Fuel

54. Automatic Gear Box Warning

55. Speed Limiter

56. Suspension Dampers

57. Oil Pressure Low

58. Windshield Defrost

59. Boot Open

60. Stability Control Off

61. Rain Sensor 

62. Engine/Emissions Warning

63. Rear Window Defrost

64. Auto Windshield Wiping

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