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Audi's New Lineup for 2015: Upgrades & Pricing

Jul 15, 2014

Looking for a new Audi?  Check out everything 2015 has lined up!


Audi moves into it's 2015 model year with more technology, innovative design and improved performance then ever.  Their vehicles are getting faster, more efficient, sportier, more luxurious… everything we could hope to expect from them has been delivered, and better yet, now comes standard!  Looking to purchase a new Audi, or upgrade your current ride? Compare and check out the latest in enhancements and upgrades to the complete line of Audi vehicles:


2015 Audi A4 Model Line

• S line® exterior, three-zone climate control, xenon plus lighting and LED taillights come standard on all premium models

•  Sport plus package as well as a Technology package that bundles MMI® Navigation plus, Audi connect®, parking system plus and Audi side assist are now offered in Premium Plus models.  

• NEW - S4 models offer a Black Optic package with new 19-inch 5-V-spoke design Titanium-finished wheels.

• 5 new colors for the complete A4 model line exterior. 

• Keep an eye out for the special edition S4 Nogara Blue Audi and all it's extras! 




A4 2.0T FWD Multitronic: $36,500 - $42,900

A4 2.0T quattro Manual: $36,400 - $43,800

A4 2.0T auattro Tiptronic: $37,600 - $45,000

S4 3.0T quattro Manual: $48,400 - $54,300 

S4 3.0T quattro S tronic: $49,800 - $55,700

Allroad 2.0T quattro Tiptronic: $42,400 - $49,800


2015 Audi all road Model Line

• Standard features now include power tailgate, three-zone climate control, rear privacy glass, xenon plus lighting and LED taillights.

• MMI navigation plus package is available on all models. 

• Sport Interior Package includes a black cloth headliner for all Premium Plus and Prestige models. 


2015 Audi A5 Coupe and Cabriolet Model Line

•  Three-zone climate control, xenon plus lighting and LED taillights now come as standard features. 

• MMI Navigation plus is now available in Premium models and the Technology package is available in Premium Plus models.

• Three new wheel options are available for the RS 5 Coupe and Cabriolet models – including two 20-inch 5-arm-rotor design wheels and a Black Optic plus package wheel, along with Red Brake calipers.




A5 Coupe 2.0T quattro Manual: $40,000 - $48,400

A5 Coupe 2.0T quattro Tiptronic: $41,200 - $49,600

S5 Coupe 3.0T quattro Manual: $52,500 - $58,750

S5 Coupe 3.0T quattro S Tronic: $53,900 - $60,150

A5 Cabriolet 2.0T quattro Tiptronic: $47,600 - $56,000 

S5 Cabriolet 3.0T quattro S tronic: $60,900 - $67,150


2015 Audi A6 Model Line

• Warm Weather Package upgrade for A6 3.0T and TDI® Premium Plus.

• The S line® exterior kit and technology features such as Audi side assist and Audi pre sense rear are now standard on A6 3.0T and TDI clean diesel models.

• Head-up display, full LED headlights, as well as the Warm Weather package are now standard on Prestige models.




A6 2.0T FWD Multitronic: $44,800 - $48,350

A6 2.0T quattro Tiptronic: $46,900 - $50,450

A6 3.0T quattro Tiptronic: $56,300 - $60,100

A6 TDI  quattro Tiptronic: $58,700 - $62,500

S6 4.0T quattro S tronic:$75,500


2015 Audi A7 Model Line

• Audi side assist and Audi pre sense® rear are now standard features. 

• Standard four-zone automatic climate control upgrade now offered for A7 Premium Plus

• Carbon package with Carbon splitter and diffusor, as well as a Dynamic package which features dynamic steering, DRC® suspension system, red brake calipers at front and rear, and a sport exhaust system with Black outlets now available for the RS 7.




A7 3.0T quattro Tiptronic: $65,900 - $69,750

A7 TDI quattro Tiptronic: $68,300 - $72,150

S7 4.0T quattro S tronic: $82,500

RS 7 4.0T quattro Tiptronic: $106,500


2015 Audi A8 Model Line

• Night vision assistant – with animal detection.

• Secondary collision assist and head-up display. 

• Optional 4.0T V8 engine, upgrading HP from 420 to 435. 

• NEW - Features an electromechanical steering column to help reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.  

• Sports package available with variable-ration steering. 

• Larger air intakes; Lower Bumper; New exhaust with quad tailpipes.




A8 3.0T quattro Tiptronic®: $77,400

A8 L 3.0T quattro Tiptronic: $81,400

A8 L TDI quattro Tiptronic: $85,100

A8 4.0T quattro Tiptronic: $86,400

A8 L 4.0T quattro Tiptronic: $90,400

A8 L W12 6.3 quattro Tiptronic: $137,900

S8 4.0T quattro Tiptronic: $114,900


2015 Audi TT Coupe & Roadster Model Line

• Now offers S line carbon package and TTS Competition package.

• Heated front seats and a 5-arm Dynamic design wheel are now both standard features. 

• Black Optic package with roll-bar covers in black leather. 




TT Coupe 2.0T quattro S tronic®: $40,350

TTS Coupe 2.0T quattro S tronic: $48,700

TT Roadster 2.0T quattro S tronic: $43,350

TTS Roadster 2.0T quattro S tronic: $51,700


2015 Audi Q5 Model Line  

• Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights and a power tailgate now standard. 

• MMI navigation plus package offered on Premium models.

• Technology package – featuring MMI navigation plus, Audi connect®, parking system plus, and Audi side assist is available on Q5 Premium Plus and SQ5 Premium Plus.  

• High Gloss Black Package offering a 20-inch 5-V-spoke design Titanium-finished wheel and body color side mirror housings.  




Q5 2.0T quattro Tiptronic: $38,900 - $41,800

Q5 2.0T quattro hybrid Tiptronic: $51,900

Q5 3.0T quattro Tiptronic:$44,900 - $52,400

Q5 TDI quattro Tiptronic: $47,000 - $54,500

SQ5 3.0T quattro Tiptronic: $52,700 - $60,200


2015 Audi Q7 Model Line

• Offroad Style package is available on Premium plus models and features Black-optic exterior elements, black roof rails, Offroad style fender flares, bumpers and stainless steel skid plates, as well as 20-inch 5-spoke S line design Titanium-finished wheels and all-season tires.

• Sport Style plus package is available on Prestige models and includes black optic exterior elements, Black roof rails, unique front and rear bumpers and fenders, oval exhaust outlets and 21-inch 5-segment-spoke design Gloss Black-finished wheels.

• Luxury package enhances the interior with extended leather treatments and a contrast-stitched black Alcantara headliner. 




Q7 3.0T quattro Tiptronic: $47,700 - $54,200

Q7 3.0T S line quattro Tiptronic: $61,400

Q7 TDI quattro Tiptronic: $52,900 - $64,900 


2015 Audi R8 Model Line

• New exterior paint color options.

• Optional painted red brake calipers.

• NEW - Quilted Leather package in Silver, and a new diamond-stitched Alcantara headliner.

• New sport exhaust option on the R8 V10 S tronic model. 




R8 V8 Coupe Manual: $115,900

R8 V8 Coupe S tronic: $124,900

R8 V10 Coupe Manual: $153,900

R8 V10 Coupe S tronic: $162,900

R8 V10 plus Coupe Manual: $173,500

R8 V10 plus Coupe S tronic: $182,500

R8 V8 Spyder Manual: $129,400

R8 V8 Spyder S tronic: $138,400

R8 V10 Spyder Manual: $166,100

R8 V10 Spyder S tronic: $175,100

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