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A Self Cleaning Car? - Too Good To Be True?

May 14, 2014

Photo Credit: Nissan Motors

Some people love detailing their cars.  It can be fun and relaxing, especially on a summer day to soap up, rinse and wax their prized possession.  Other people don't care for it.  Car washes are just another chore on the already busy to-do list... not only that, we can't predict the weather.   On countless occasions we've all done our best to get our cars up to show room quality, only to have it rain, snow or drive through a puddle.  Nissan, has been working on a very ingenious, self-cleaning technology that will not only keep your car clean, but even protect it from the elements called Ultra-Ever Dry.  

nissan self cleaning paint

Photo Credit: Nissan Motors

Now don't be mislead, the car doesn't actually clean itself.  Nissan's Ultra-Ever Dry is essentially a paint coating on the car that actually repels dirt. By creating a layer of air between the car and the environment that effectively stops it from becoming dirty.  This coating efffectively stops standing water, puddle splashes, frost, snow, rain, mud and dirt from messing up your car.  

Photo Credit: Nissan Motors

The paint is still in it's early testing phases, says Nissan, but from the photos we've seen and their video demonstration, the car does stay amazingly clean, cutting your time spent washing, or going to the car wash significantly.   We can't wait to see if it repels insects from splattering across the front bumper... those are really annoying to scrape off!   Here you can see a video of the new technology in action:

Nissan is still trying to see how the protective coating holds up in long term, and is planning on offering it as an aftermarket option on their vehicles.  The only problem we see with this new technology is that you'll have a hell of a time getting your car muddied up for that bikini car wash fundraiser right down the street, but at least your wife won't be able to tell you took the truck off-roading again!



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