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Best In Snow - A Snow Car, Sand Cars, and more from this talented local enthusiast

Jan 23, 2022 - By: Jesse David Santos Monroy


For anyone who lives in the Northeastern US, you are well aware how winter storms have become an almost weekly occurrance this season. But with all of the potholes, road closures, flooding, and hardships, the heavy snowfall brings a chance to have some fun as well. For Ed Koch of Berkeley Heights, NJ, it was a chance to showcase his skills and enthusiasm for creating snow/sand sculptures, and he delivered with something that definitely caught our eye. A car guy through and through, Ed seized the opportunity to create the amazing "snow car" you see above, which attracted plenty of attention in the neighborhood and put some much-needed smiles on the faces of all the people bogged down with damages and power outages from the storms. "All snow days aren’t so bad" - Ed says. While Ed says he wasn't trying to make any specific car, we can definitely see some Chevy and Ferrari influences in there.


We sat down with Ed, who is President of the IT staffing firm Altitude Staffing, to find out more about his talent as well as his passion for cars and the incredible Porsche man cave he built in his garage:


Where did the idea to create this snow supercar come from and how long did it take you?


"I've been creating sand art since I was a kid, so making snow sculptures came naturally. Snow is actually much easier to work with, because you can use a snowblower to build the mound. Really with both sand and snow, you don't build a car, you build and pack a mound and then carve a car out of it. Its already in there, you just gotta carve it out. This one in particular took me about 2.5 hours, but in the sand it can take up to 4 hours to create."



Tell us a little bit about your passion for cars.


"I grew up in a construction household in a family that didn’t have a lot of money so I would do some jobs on the side. Mr. French, an older gentleman in the neighborhood took me under his wing and taught me how to wash and detail cars, and from there I was able to get hands on with a lot of different cool cars which piqued my interest. I always loved cars and loved to draw cars, so the sculptures were a natural transition from that."


What kind of cars do you drive and what are your favorites?


"I own a Porsche 911 Convertible, an '02 Porsche 996 to be exact, triple black with a TA front end and a Turbo rear. I generally like Porsches and Corvettes, all topless are welcome - cars that is, and really anything fast - these cars are kind of an expression of who you are. A '69 Z28 is definitely my dream car, and I hope to get one of those one day. My garage is actually a Porsche man cave which I built and put together myself."


We had to see for ourselves, and this man cave did not disappoint as you can see:



Like that Porsche in the photos? Good news, it's for sale! This custom 2002 Porsche 996 C2 has a Precision Porsche TA nose and Turbo rear end, new cats, and is extremely well kept. This 6-speed has only 50,000 miles and can be yours for $29,995 which includes the original nose, rear end, and an extra front spoiler. We're pretty sure Ed is going after that 69 Z28 hard once his Porsche is sold. Contact info@carponents.com if interested in purchasing this Bavarian beauty from Ed.





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