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SEMA SHOW 2013 Outstanding Product: Turn Your Car into a Hybrid

Nov 25, 2013

SEMA Show 2013 was filled with the latest and greatest of technologies and aftermarket automotive products, but one very "green" company and product certainly caught our attention.   HydroLectricPower LLC and HH2 HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGIES INC was showcasing it's HH2 Hydrogen Combustion System, which creates HH2 Hydrogen in your vehicle from water, and turns it into a fuel efficient, Hydrogen Hybrid, with much lower emission levels.  

Fuel efficiency and pollution are definitely a huge problem, especially in congested areas, such as cities like Los Angeles or NYC.  The car industry has recently taken production up a notch with their Hybrid, All Electric, and most recently, Clean Diesel models... but what about the cars currently on  the road?  What if you're not ready to buy a new car, or can't afford the latest and greatest in personal "Green Automotive" transportation?   What about the opportunity to turn your classic, fully restored, gas guzzling American Muscle Car into a vehicle mother nature will love?

The HH2 fits any vehicle, new or old, and not only increases fuel efficiency, oil efficiency, performance and power, it decreases pollution by incinerating fuel, lowering overall air pollution and your vehicle's carbon footprint.  

The Friendly Facts:

  • Improves MPG 20-80%
  • Cleans toxic exhaust emissions
  • Boosts Engine Power & Torque
  • Qualifies for Tax Credits
  • Safe & Non-Explosive
  • Keeps Oil Clean
  • Does Not Effect On-Board Sensors
  • Does Not Void Vehicle Warrenty
  • HH2 Hydrogen cleans carbon deposits from the engine and exhaust system.
  • Creates clean combustion of your fuel, lowering your carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gasses.
  • Improves fuel economy by burning all available fuel in the combustion chamber, MPG is improved.
  • No need for high octane fuel... use 87 octane regular gas.  
  • Uses only pennies of water in 400 to 600 miles on average.
  • Engine performance and power is improved due to total fuel combustion, resulting in clean exhaust.
  • Aids in complete combustion of fuels by incinerating most, if not all of the fuels inside it before emitting.
  • Passes California emission standards.
  • Engine oil stays cleaner so less oil changes are needed.

The cost?  Peanuts!  Between $1,400, and $1,800 depending on your vehicle... no doubt the amount of money you'd waste on refueling your gas guzzling car all year without out it.   Definitely something to look into for you environmentally friendly and fuel conservationist fans!    For more information on the HH2, please visit: www.hh2us.com. 

Below:  Carponents Creator & Founder Robin Bhattacharyya with HH2 Event Staff Member

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